Travel Subsidies to Support Student Participation in Academic Workshops and Conferences

Funding Description

Costs associated with student travels to participate in conferences (after successfully passing a peer review) are to be paid for in advance by the respective chair (Lehrstuhl) or by the students themselves. Students who would like to receive financial support must submit an application to Birgit Rosenbaum (Officer for Quality Assurance Measures) until the end of the summer semester (30.09.). Last time 30.09.2021!

At the beginning of the winter semester, the Dean of Studies and the Officer for Quality Assurance Measures will decide which trips will be supported on the basis of predefined criteria. If applicable, the available allocated funds will be distributed among multiple student applicants.

Students must fulfill the following criteria in order to receive funding:

  • The student must be enrolled at TUM at the Department of Informatics at the time he or she submits the academic paper. 
  • The article must have been written under academic supervision within the course of a bachelor’s, master’s, or Diplom degree program or research project. 
  • The student must be the primary author and the person presenting the article. 
  • The costs must qualify for reimbursement according to Bavarian travel expense laws.

The application for partial reimbursement of travel costs must include the following materials: 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Bank, IBAN, BIC
  • Certificate of enrollment at the time he or she submits the academic paper
  • List and proof of travel costs (original documents of conference fee, accommodation costs, travel costs, etc.)
  • The academic article
  • Information about the conference attended, its peer review process and its selectivity (approval rate)

Funding Available

Total funding budget per year: €10,000
Each domestic trip will be subsidized with up to €500.
Each international trip will be subsidized with up to €1,000.
No refund of meals / catering costs.

This is how the capped costs per trip will be calculated.

If the sum of the capped costs for all applications amounts to more than the maximum annual budget, then the total budget available will be distributed proportionately among all the applications in accordance with the capped costs.