Students with Children

Students with children enjoy a special protection inside and outside the university. 

The most important regulation about your rights and duties as a student with children is:


You may apply for a leave of absence. Then you will not be placed one semester higher, i.e. your number of Semesters of enrollment in current degree program (Fachsemesterzahl) stagnates, BUT you can do as many exams as you want and are able to do. So the time limits stated in your examination rules are suspended. It is you who determines the pace of your studies!
If you are too late for an application for a leave of absence (requests for a leave of absence must be submitted until the first lecture of the semester; if the reason for the leave of absence occurs after this period and was unforeseen, the request can still be submitted up to five weeks after the first lecture) then you just make an application to your secretary of the examination board to prolong your time limits.
Please contact the academic advisors in case of any questions.

The Studentenwerk München has a list of useful links around studying with a child. They also offer childcare

TUM Informatics also offers childcare for students with children in the Kinderzimmer, room 03.010.22B. The childcare service is designed to complement your main childcare and can be booked at the beginning of each semester. It is also possible to make individual bookings at short notice with at least one day’s advance notice, if space allows.

More information on the departmental child care