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IFF Gender & Diversity Grants

The application period for 2019 is now over.


The IFF (Informatik-Forum Frauen) Gender & Diversity Grants program offers funding to participate in events such as seminars and conferences with topics related to gender and diversity in STEM fields. We also fund events that facilitate learning and improvement of computing skills, e.g. coding.The grants are awarded mainly to students of IN.TUM undertaking a Bachelor or Master degree. Doctoral candidates interested in getting funded should contact IFF directly.

The objective of this program is to empower women in computer science at TUM by providing financial support to students who are looking to sharpen their skills, get inspired by other women in STEM or expand their networks. Or to students interested in getting involved with gender and diversity topics in STEM and especially at TUM.

Application for funding is open to both male and female students!

You can also take a look at Experience reports from previous travel grant recipients and see a few pictures at Pictures from grant recipients.

The application period for 2019 is now over.


Some facts:

  • the Department of Informatics has the most scholarship holders within TUM
  • especially students from Information Systems or with a minor in Management or with some other relations to business are encouraged to apply as there are many dedicated scholarships within that area
  • last year more than 50% of the female applicants received the scholarship – we strongly encourage women to apply
  • selection depends on your grades but also on other criteria like, e.g., voluntary social commitment, readiness to take on responsibility, special family circumstances

More information see

The application period for 2019 is now over.


Scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of the applicant's academic background, leadership, and demonstrated passion for Computer Science. The scholarship recipients will each receive a €7,000 scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Open scholarships include: Women Techmakers Scholars Program and Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities. See the links below for further information.