Experience Report-Previous travel grant recipient

FemTec School - 2018

You can find the report of our scholar Nicola Kolb of the FemTec School 2018 here.

GHC17 in Orlando, U.S.A

You can find the report of our scholars Anne Nyokabi, Carmel Kozlov, Fjoralba Golikja and Nathalie Pett of the GHC USA 2017 here.

GHC16 in Houston, U.S.A

The IFF Travel Grant recipients Dina AlAdawy, Ana Petrovska, Swathi S. Sunder and Semra Gülce Turan have shared with us there experience from GHC 2016 in U.S.A.

To read their full experience report please see: Report

GHC15 in Bangalore, India

Here you can find the report from scholarship holders Angelina Mooseder , Veronika Besner , Clotilde Guinard and Lou Kramer from the GHC India in 2015.

GHC14 in Phoenix, USA

You can read the report by Melanie Heller about GHC14 in Phoenix , Arizona, here.