Master "Data Engineering and Analytics"

On these pages you will find information on the following topics:


This page lists a example curriculum for a start in a winter-term. 

Compulsory Modules, Elective Modules and Support Elective Modules

Here you will find a list of the compulsory modules, elective compulsory modules, elective modules and support elective modules that you need to take (or that you may choose to take) according to the current FPSO. 

Application Project

Here you can find information about the application project, covering everything from finding an application project topic to completing the project.

Guided Research

This page contains information about the Guided Research module.

Master Thesis

Read this page to learn about the process of the master thesis.

Examination Regulations 

This page has links to the General Academic and Examination Regulations at TUM (APSO) as well as the Academic and Examination Regulations of the Master "Data Engineering and Analytics" (FPSO) 


Contact to the secretary of the examination commitee, program coordination, contacts at the Infopoint, contacts with respect to the master's thesis as well as contacts to the course guidance

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Frequently asked questions about topics like the application project, guided research, dormitory extensions, scholarships, and other topics.