Application Project

The project contains practical tasks in an application domain, and thus promotes interdisciplinary thinking from Data Engineering and Analytics to the application domain.

Teaching personell of TUM gives out projects in which students of the master's program Data Engineering and Analytics propose solutions in small teams or individually to topics related to the processing of large data sets, stemming from the teaching or research domain of the person proposing the project.

The project task usually contains practical work (creation of a program) as well as documentation and presentation of the work. Those working on the projects must be in close cooperation with the person giving out the assignment. The projectwork is not bound to the time of the lecture period and can thus be split over two semesters.

Module Details

please see the modulecatalogue.


The Application Project has the following requirements:

  • The registration form of the Application Project must be submitted to the Board of Examiners within the first week of lecture of the semester in which you will conduct the research. You can find further details in the linked application form on this website.
  • The examiner must be teaching personnel of TUM and can be from TUM's department of informatics or another TUM department/school.
  • The topic must be related to the processing of large data sets and stem from the teaching or research domain of the examiner.
  • The Application Project can also be done in cooperation with an external party (e.g., another university, research facility, company, or startup) as long as it meets all requirements from above.

How to find an application project topic

Below are tips on how to find an application project.

  • Search for topics on the websites of different chairs of the Informatics department or other departments/schools.
  • Contact people you have already had contact with during your studies, e.g., teaching assistants or professors of modules you have taken.
  • Often, advertised IDP topics can also be done as an application project. Contact the topic creators and ask if the topic can also be conducted as an application project. The differences between an IDP and application project are listed in these slides.  
  • Topics from the TUM Data Innovation Lab can also be done as an application project. Please note that an application is required for participation in the TUM Data Innovation Lab.

How to proceed

Complete the registration form with your advisor. Submit the form to the Board of Examiners within the first week of lecture of the semester in which you will conduct the research.

In order to complete your Application Project, you will need to:

  • Successfully complete your research work 
  • Participate in regular meetings with your advisor
  • Present your results to the chair
  • Deliverables:
    • Documentation, is an accessible description of the practical solution in terms understandable for experts in the problem domain
    • Program, source code and instructions how to use it
  • Deadline for grading is the 5th week of lectures of the next semester after completion of the application project.