Guided Research

Research is an integral part of the field of informatics. In the Guided Research component of your program, you will gain fundamental skills through practical training and close guidance that will allow you to conduct research independently.

The Guided Research module is worth 10 ECTS. It is recommended that you check with your advisor to learn which courses will best prepare you for your research.

For more information, see the following module description.

How to Proceed

Complete the Guided Research Registration Form with your advisor. Submit the form to the Board of Examiners within the first week of lecture of the semester in which you will conduct the research. Please submit the application and the project description as hard copy.

  • In order to complete your Guided Research, you will need to:
    • Successfully complete your research work 
    • Participate in regular meetings with your advisor
    • Present your results to the chair or at a scientific event
    • Submit a brief scientific profitability report (8-12 pages) in English to your advisor (due no later than the first week of lecture of the following semester)
  • You will receive your evaluation by the fifth week of lecture of the semester after you submit your report.