Interdisciplinary Project in an Application Subject (IDP)

The Interdisciplinary Project (IDP) is a required component of your Master’s of Informatics program. Through practical work in a minor subject, it bridges the gap between informatics and your chosen minor subject. It can be beneficial to choose a topic that relates to your undergraduate studies so that you possess some previous knowledge of the topic.

The IDP is worth 16 credits, earned through lecture with exercise (4 hours per week, no lab courses or seminars), practical work, documentation, and presentation.

Note that no elective course lectures on Informatics may be taken into consideration.

Possible Projects

This is a platform for chairs of other departments to announce possible
Interdisciplinary Projects.

The following projects are currently available and announced online. You may (and often must) also search for an IDP on your own, see the How-To above for hints. If you are interested in one of the projects, please get in touch with the contact person listed in the project description.

Please note: There is no quality control for the announced projects. The quality of a project will only be checked together with the registration and acceptance process of an Interdisciplinary Project.

Current news (winter term 2021): In the frame of the TUM-DI-LAB IDPs are offered in winter 2021 in the Department of Mathematics. Application deadline is July 29, 2021; information about application is shown here.

Some chairs publish IDPs on their own website:


All other available IDPs can be found here, grouped by topic and annotated with the announcement date: