What are part time studies?

The Department of Informatics wants to open its master's program Informatics also to those students who - for which reason ever - cannot study full time.

Please observe: For students who need a visa it is up to our best knowledge not possible to study part time.

Students who are flexible enough in time to attend some courses during the regular hours are enabled to study with a lower load than 30 ECTS and therefore a longer duration of their studies than 4 semesters. Please observe that is is thereby no long distance resp. evening or weekend study program !

If you are interested please contact the academic advisors.

More information

The target groups include the following:

  • Students who have work commitments or run a business
  • Students with family commitments (e.g. parents with young children, students with dependent relatives)
  • Students with personal commitments (e.g. politically active students, artistically creative students, students finding it difficult integrating into the university environment)
  • Disabled or chronically ill students

The same admission requirements apply for part-time students as for full-time students of the M.Sc. in Informatics program. You must have completed a bachelor’s degree in informatics/computer science or an equivalent degree at undergraduate level that allows you to enroll in a master’s program, or you must already be enrolled. When applying via TUMonline, select the program type you want (100% full-time, 66% part-time, or 50% part-time). Please be aware that part time students have to create and document an individual study plan for each semester (see "Structuring an Individual Study Plan").

As a part time student you have to create your individual study and examination plan for each semester. This plan is an obligatory agreement between the student and the TUM and may only be modified after consultation with Ms. van Gemert. Fill in the frame in the download area to the right (please not handwritten) and send a signed copy to Ms. van Gemert. If you would like to send your studyplan by (encrypted) email, if possible please send a scanned version of your signed studyplan from your TUM emailaccout. You should hand in your plan as soon as the first registration of the exams you'd like to take is possible. Please be ware that not all TUM-exams have the same registrationperiod. Early registrationperiods might apply in case of midterm exams or if you take an exam at an other faculty. In order for us to register you in time, in this case it is important for you to you hand in your plan in time for us to register you during the early registrationperiod.

Please Note! In the winterterm 20/21 other regulations apply due to the current restrictions. Personal submission of your study plan is not possible. Please submit your study plan by mail or email as soon as the registration(s) for your planned exams are available. Your study plan will then be examined and you will be registered for the exams.

Depending on your major, you can select your subjects in advance before the program starts by using our study structure chart. The 30 credits required in the full-time degree program in each semester-term are reduced according to the program type you have chosen. Students may take a maximum of 20 ECTS if registered for the 50% part-time program type and a maximum of 25 ECTS if registered for the 66% part-time program type. Records that exceed the maximum limit of credits in the current type (e.g., language block-courses) cannot be accredited.

Fundamental Exams (if imposed with the admission) must be completed by the end of the second master semester (independend of possible change in study program [50%-66%-100%] between the first and the second semester of your studies). Otherwise, continuation in the master’s program will not be possible. The ECTS of these "bridging courses" are neither counted to the maximum limit of credits per semester nor for monitoring study progress.

You will be provided with a flexible, individually determined course load each semester. The maximum number of credits achievable per semester is 25 ECTS for the 66% part-time program type and 20 ECTS for the 50% part-time program type. The normal course load for the full-time study is 30 ECTS. The master’s thesis should be completed within the standard period of study. The possible duration of the master’s thesis is also specified in the table below.

Form of study Standard period of study ECTS per semester Duration of master’s thesis

100% full time

4 semesters

≥ 30

Max. 6 months

66% part time

6 semesters

20 - 25

Max. 9 months

50% part time

8 semesters

15 - 20

Max. 12 months

The part-time degree program is a course of study with compulsory on-campus attendance. Part-time students can choose from the standard range of lectures available on the Informatics M.Sc. program. The high number of elective subjects allows students to create a flexible degree program.

The application deadline is May 31 for the winter semester, and November 30 for the summer semester. The standard deadlines apply for re-registrations.

Due to the ECTS restrictions, students cannot register themselves, also not for any optional modules from other programs. Registration for examinations takes place manually during the normal exam registration period via the secretary of the examination board (see right hand side). An individual study plan is required in all cases when studying part-time (see “Structuring of Individual Study Plan” section).

Depending on the program type you have selected, the standard duration of study for the flexible study paths is 4 semesters (100%), 6 semesters (66% part-time) or 8 semesters (50% part-time). Credit progression is regulated by the Subject Examination and Study Regulations (FPSO).

Progress monitoring standards (Studienfortschrittskontrolle) are adjusted according to the respective part-time program type. The result is that, when compared with full-time study, the standard period of study is doubled in the 50% part-time model and the study duration is extended by a maximum of 2 semesters for the 66% part-time model. The standard period of study and progress monitoring standards for the relevant program type always apply.

Before each semester you can change within the M.Sc. in Informatics to another level: 50, 66 or 100%. There is one exception: After the registration of your master's thesis changing the program type is only possible after you've finished your Thesis. If you switch to another program type at some point you have to formally re-enroll. A new application is required for this on TUMonline. The official application period for enrolled students, who wish to change the level, is from 9th to 15th August (application for winter semester) and from 9th to 15th February (application for summer semester) from 00:00-24:00hrs. You have to create a new online application and upload an updated application form (signed) and an updated CV. For the other sections (English proof, analysis of curriculum, module descriptions etc.), you can just upload your current TUM enrolment certificate. It is very important that you upload a document for every section in the online application otherwise your application will be flagged as incomplete by TUMonline and will not be processed. After admission please do not forget to accept your study place.

If you have any questions, please contact the academic advisors.

Scheduled deadlines for examinations and other requirements are extended according to the selected part-time program type. The requirement that at least one module must be passed by the end of the second semester (as specified in the exam regulations), remains; the deadline cannot be extended. Also fundamental examinations (also called: "bridging courses" or "additional admission requirements") which, incase you have any, are listet in your original letter of admission, still have to be passed in the first year after the start of your master Informatics at the TUM. Changing the programm will not result in more time or retake possiblities.

When switching between program types (50%, 66% or 100%), your credits are taken into the current type of the Informatics M.Sc. program, respectively. These recognitions will be made during the course of the first semester after the switch of program type. An application for the recognition ist not necessary.

Standard regulations apply to tuition fees, regardless of the degree program.