Support Electives

Depending on the start of your studies you must accumulate a total of six (start in winter term 2016/17) or eight (start until summer term 2016) support elective credits during your degree program. You may earn support elective credits for the following courses:

  • Elective modules selected from the chart below
  • Language courses and courses from the Carl-von-Linde-Academy see here
ID Title Term Contact Hours Credits Language
POL60802 Advanced Topic: Law, Science and Technology WS 1V 5 EN
WI001284 Behavioral Economics meet real world challenges WS/SS 2V+2Ü 6 EN
IN9044 Data Privacy unreg 2S 4 DE
MW2409 Design Thinking Experience WS 2S 3 DE
IN9028 Pedagogical training in didactics for tutors WS/SS 2S 4 DE
POL70070 Ethics of Technology SS 2V+2S 6 EN
IN9017 Entrepreneurship SS 2S 4 DE
WI000159 Business Plan - Basic Course (Business Idea and Market) WS/SS 2S 3 EN
WI100180 Business Plan - Advanced Course (Business Models, Sales and Finance) WS/SS 2S 6 DE
WI001056 Introduction to Economics ** WS 2V+2Ü 6 DE
IN9006 Entrepreneurship for Small Software-oriented Enterprises SS 1S 2 EN
IN9046 IT Law in Public Administrations: E-Government Act, IT Security and Procurement SS 4V 5 DE
IN9003 Informatics and Law SS 2V 3 DE
IN9015 Information Literacy SS 2V 3 DE
IN9048 Innovation Generation in the Healthcare Domain SS 2V+2Ü 6 EN
WI000285 Innovative Entrepreneurs WS/SS 2V 3 DE
SZ1101 Intercultural Communication - Cross Cultural Encounters * WS 1V+1Ü 2 DE
SZ11011 Intercultural Communication - Cross Cultural Encounters * WS 1V+1Ü 3 DE
IN9036 Master Your Thesis! WS 2S 4 EN
IN9038 Medical Technology Entrepreneurship WS 2P 4 EN
WI001056_1 Principles of Economics ** WS 6 EN
IN9007 SET-Tutor WS 1S 2 DE/EN
ED0341 STS 2: Philosophy of Science and Technology WS 3S 5 EN
IN9011 Seminar: Project Management WS 2S 4 DE
IN9010 Seminar: Scientists and Ethics unreg 2S 4 DE/EN
IN9009 Leading Yourself and Others SS 2S 4 DE
MW2223 Soft Skill Trainings in Project Cooperations WS/SS 1S 2 DE
WI001292 Start-ups and unicorns coming up SS 2V+2S 6 EN
AR30382 Fast Track Design Methods WS/SS 2S 3 EN
WI001180 Tech Challenge WS/SS 4S 6 EN
ED0038 Technology, Economy, Society WS 2V 3 DE
WI001293 Theoretical and applied basics of mindfulness practice WS/SS 2V 3 DE
MW2245 Think. Make. Start. WS/SS 4P 6 EN
MW2441 Think. Make. Start. Enterprise WS/SS 8P 6 EN
IN9026 Trendseminar CDTM WS/SS 4S 8 EN
ED0217 Advanced didactical topics for tutors WS/SS 2S 4 DE

* Only one of the modules SZ1101 and SZ11011 can be assigned

** Only one of the modules WI001056 and WI001056_1 can be assigned

updated on 04.03.2022

The examination board will update the selection of subjects and the lists of electives. Modifications will be made available on the examination board's web sites at the beginning of the semester.