Master Lab-Course

For students in the master-program Informatics - Games Engineering, two 10 ECTS master lab courses are mandatory.  

In each semester, we offer a games-specific instance of the master lab course (it is, however, also possible to choose a lab course from the list of lab-courses of the regular master informatics (IN2106 or IN2257). (Students will not have to pay attention to the specific module numbers here (e.g. it is also ok to choose two IN2106 or two IN2257))). It is, however, very desirable that students choose the games-specific instance(s) of the master lab course, ideally in their lines of specialization. 

The lab course will take place in groups of three or four students. Incomplete groups looking for new group members or students looking for groups may post requests or offers here (use your normal login). 

On the following websites, the lines of specialization will offer topics for that games specific lab course. Groups of students interested in a topic should contact the respective person mentioned in the list directly. Further details in regard to the lab course (including links to slides and other material) can be found on the website "information for participants and advisors" (in German) 

  • Numerics and Simulation (Coordinators: Prof. Dr. H. Bungartz, Prof. Dr. T. Huckle, Prof. Dr. M. Bader)
    Example for Topic-Website (WS15/16).
    Contact person: Moritz August
  • Hardware-related Programming (Coordinators: Prof. Dr. M. Schulz, Prof. Dr. M. Gerndt)
    Topic Website
    Contact person: Yang Dai
  • Visual Computing (Coordinators: Prof. Dr. D. Cremers, Prof N. Navab, PhD)
    Contact person: N.N.
  • Game Theory & Algorithmic Economics (Coordinators: Prof. Dr. M. Bichler, Prof. Dr. F. Brandt, Prof. Dr. H. Seidl)
    (no games specific lab course instance at the moment)
  • Interaction und Communication (Coordinators: Prof. Dr. G. Klinker, Prof. Dr. H. Runkler/Prof. Dr. J. Esparza, Prof. Dr. K. Bengler (TUM MW))
    Contact person: David Plecher 
  • Other chairs and groups (TUM Informatics)
    Social Games / Games relating to Social Computing
    Contact person: Georg Groh
    Games relating to Recommender Systems
    Contact person: Wolfgang Woerndl