Master's Thesis

Topic Identification and Registration

The Master's Thesis (30 Credits) usually represents the completion of your studies. During the six-month period, you will write a scientific paper in which you deal with a specific and complex topic in the area of information systems. You will review the current state of scientific research and develop a specific research question based on this. The written scientific paper is concluded with a presentation of the contents and results. The thesis should prove that students are able to work out challenging scientific problems independently, to design an appropriate solution and to defend their obtained results in front of third parties. 

The thesis is supervised by a professor of the Faculty of Informatics. It is the students' responsibility to contact the chairs independently for the purpose of creating a topic. It is advisable to do this well in advance of the planned processing time. 

The thesis must be registered with the examination board before the actual processing period begins. For this purpose, a registration form (see Downloads) is filled out and signed in agreement with the task creator and supervisor and sent to the examination board (Ms. Kinzel, SB-S-IN) one week before the start of the processing period. Registration is possible on the 15th of each month. The deadline for submission is six months later at the latest. 

Please also note the information on formatting guideline and submission and the obligation to be enrolled during the preparation of the thesis


Finalizing the Thesis

The processing time for the Master's Thesis is a maximum of six months after registration. If you need an extension of the processing time for a justifiable reason, please contact Ms. Kinzel in writing. You must provide two printed and signed copies for submission. Of these, send one copy to the Infopoint (in the current situation, please send it by mail, see the current instructions) and one to your supervisor. Please also clarify with him/her whether additional copies should be submitted. 

For the form of the written paper, please follow the formatting guidelines of the faculty. In addition, you should check with your topic proposer whether you need to consider further points regarding the external form.