Re-Start: Welcome back to TUM - same same but different?

Finally studying in presence is - at least partially - possible, after three purely digital semesters. After all this time sitting in front of the computer, it is exciting to finally meet fellow students and pick up your student life again, or start it at all. But there might be some for whom things aren't going so well right of the bat. Several students have never been to campus until October 2021, a lot or almost everyone has to get back into their routine and (re-)connect to fellow students.

Where can I meet my peers? How do I make new contacts?

Here are a few opportunities to find and meet your peer-group:

A few simple, but important tips:

  • Take the time and courage to ask fellow students: "How are you, really?" (or find your own similar phrase). Such a small, yet simple question can be very impactful.
  • Think about signing up for at least one tutorial or seminar in presence. Even if you don't live in Munich and the commute might be a bit longer. In the long term it'll be worth the effort to meet people "live"!
  • Form a strategy for the semester - "what helps me through the Winter months and the Examination Period?" (Sports, club, choir, jogging group, study groups, carpools etc.)

Mindful and Attentive - for you and others

Your semester isn't going as planned? Or you noticed that a fellow classmate has problems getting back into studying? After such a long time you or your acquaintance/friend aren't the only ones. Here your find a few services, where English speaking consultants and advisors work, who can help you. You don't have to go through this alone! 

Websites - get in touch in time and let others know!

  • Academic Advising from the Department of Informatics: Missing credits? Do you have a problem with the credit hurdles? Did your study plan get out of hand? Then Sandra Kemler, Sibylle Roden-Kinghorst and Vivija Simic can help you. (email:
  • TUM Academic Coaching: The last semester was "sub-optimal"? Would a structured plan be a good idea? You don't have to go through this alone. Kirsten Bannert, Bettina Hafner, Raphael Müller-Hotop and Marein Orre are happy to help you gain new motivation.
  • Workshops to Strengthen Learning and Self-competence - an offer by TUM Coaching and ProLehre. Should the upcoming semester go differently? How do I draw new motivation and how can I plan my daily life as a student in a well and organized manner? If these are some of your questions, take a look at the workshop offers for the Winter semester 2021/22. Evidently those are questions that a lot of students have!
  • TUM4mind - Mental wellbeing requires precaution: At TUM4Mind it is all about your mental health during your studies. A conscious approach to one's own psyche and mental health is a cornerstone for a high-performance and successful course of study and sustainable lifestyle. Current service:  Digital Mental Health Awareness Week from May 9 to 13 (register now!!), in addition to this there will be more events during this and next semester.
  • TUMHealth - the TUM health management for students: exclusive and far-reaching offers for students about fitness, nutrition and health via podcasts (How to gesund), Challenges, Guides, Projects etc. just take a look. An elementary part of the project is the active inclusion of students which are allowed to develop and conceptualize ideas themselves while getting support from scientific workers from the department of sport and health sciences.
  • Psychosocial Counselling Service from the Studentenwerk: all students from Munich universities can turn to experienced psychologist, that want to talk about their problems in harsh living conditions or psychological burdens. The counselling is available in German and English.

Die Arche
Suizidprävention und Hilfe in Lebenskrisen e.V. (Suicide prevention and help during life crises)
Saarstraße 5
80797 München (Schwabing-West)
Tel: 089 / 33 40 41
Office hours:
Monday - Friday (Workdays) 9.00 until 17.00 o'clock by phone (secretariat),
From 13.00 until 14.30 Uhr via Answering Machine
Advisory service for all life crises and worries about others, too. If you are legally insured (gesetzliche versichert), the offer is for free.

Münchner Insel
Marienplatz Untergeschoss
80331 München
Tel: 089 / 220041
Office Hours:
Monday until Friday 9-19 o'clock
Thursday 11-18 o'clock

The Münchner Insel is a free facility for crises and life advising. You can call about any problem and immediately visit and have an anonymous conversation with a professional advisor.

Crisis service Psychiatry (für Oberbayern)
Tel: 0180 / 655 3000
Reachable via phone 9-24 o'clock

Police: 110
Fire Department / Rescue / Ambulance: 112
After-hours medical services: 116117 (see the Departmentalwebsite about Medical Care in Germany)

Kliniken / Ambulanzen:

Krisenstation am Schwabinger Krankenhaus, Haus 7
Kölner Platz 1, 80804 München
Open office hours without registration, Monday until Friday 10:00 until 11:30 o'clock

Psychiatrische Ambulanz am Klinikum rechts der Isar (TU München)
Ismaninger Straße 22, 81675 München
Tel: 089 / 4140-4241
Reachable around-the-clock

Psychiatrische Klinik der LMU München
Nußbaumstraße 7, 80336 München
Tel: 089 / 4400-53307 (Monday until Friday 9 o'clock until 12 o'clock, otherwise below:)
Tel: 089 / 4400-55511

Isar-Amper-Klinikum München-Ost
Vockestraße 72, 85540 Haar b. München-Ost
Tel: 089 / 4562-0
Reachable around-the-clock

Psychiatrisches Krisenzentrum Atriumhaus
Bavariastr. 11, 80336 München
Tel: 089 / 76780
Reachable around-the-clock