Infopoint for Informatics Students

The Infopoint is still closed and will be open only for the submission of final thesis

on Tuesday, August 16th from 12.30 to 3.30 p.m.; Room: 00.10.033

If it is not possible for you to hand in your final thesis onsite, you will have to send it by post. You can find the address on the Corona webpage.

Please note: Master´s Thesis Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence can not be handed in at the Infopoint. Please send the thesis by post to Dr. Alexander Lenz. Further Information can be found here.

Please direct all inquiries regarding computer identification and certificates directly to

Further services on the campus Garching

  • Scanning in the building MI:
    At all Xerox copy machines in the corridors
    and in the computer hall
  • Printing in the building MI:
    In the computer hall
  • Sale of print quota in the TUM Student Organization MPI
  • Spiral Binding in the TUM Student Organization MPI
  • Copyshop in the building of Mechanical Engineering in Garching