Tutor Coordination Office of the Department of Informatics

The Tutor Coordination Office of the Department of Informatics lies within the authority of the Dean of Informatics. Our team recruits student tutors for all compulsory courses and several elective courses, assigns them to the courses, trains them in a three-day block seminar and assists them throughout their time working as a student tutor.

During the current corona time, we can support our student tutors with different hardware devices. More information can be found here

The Tutor Coordination Office recruits student tutors for the following courses: 


Open Student Tutor Positions

For the upcoming winter semester 2022/23 we are looking for motivated student tutors. If you are interested in a position as a tutor, please register and apply via the Tutor-Tool: tutorbetrieb.in.tum.de

Benefits of working as a Student Tutor:


Student tutors without a first higher education degree currently receive 11,70 Euros per hour. Student tutors with a first (subject-specific) higher education degree (e.g. Bachelor degree in Informatics) receive 13,60 Euros per hour. 


Opening Hours

You can find us at our office in the FMI-building Garching (Faculty building of Mathematics and Informatics). 

  • Room 02.12.052, Department of Informatics, Boltzmannstr. 3, 85748 Garching

The office is usually occupied on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. It is additionally possible to schedule an individual appointment. Please send your inquiry to tutorbetrieb@in.tum.de.