Tuition Fees and Costs

Before you enroll, you need to pay a fee of for the Student Union. The fee differs a little from semester to semester, the current amount can be found here. The fee includes a basic ticket for public transport that can be upgraded easily with the supplemementary Isar Card Semester. Please check the respective websites of TUM and the Student Union.

Plan to spend about €905 per month for accommodation, food, transport, and other living expenses. Please find further information here

In order to obtain a visa and a residence permit, you need to provide proof of access to at least €861 per month for at least one year (€10,332 in total). Please contact the German consulate or embassy closest to you in order to confirm the requirements and guidelines for your country. The necessary amount changes regularly.

Financing Your Studies


A scholarship is the ideal way to cover your program costs as it allows you to concentrate fully on your studies. Find out all you can about the scholarships on offer and be sure to apply in good time; many scholarships require you to apply from your home country and the application process can take up to a year.

The following sources of information may be useful:

TUM scholarships
DAAD scholarship database
DAAD offices in your home country
The German embassy or consulate in your home country

Working in Germany

Your residence permit will specify whether you are allowed to work in Germany and to what extent. If you are not a citizen of the EU or the EEA, you are normally allowed to work up to 120 full days or 240 half days per year. Jobs as research or teaching associates or student assistants (max. 20 hours per week) can be performed in addition to jobs in industry. 

The majority of our master's students work at the university, for example as student assistants (HiWi). Bear in mind that it may take two or three months before you obtain work and start to be paid. That means it is usually not possible to cover your costs by working alongside studying, especially at the beginning of your studies.

Please also remember that not only will you need to keep up with your studies, but you will also be getting to know a foreign culture and learning a different way of life. As you become accustomed to life in Germany, you may find it easier to find a student job in the computer science field. We advise new bachelor's students not to work during their first few semesters, particularly if they have to retake exams. 

More information: working in Germany after graduation.