Application FAQs

The following FAQs cover general application information for master’s programs at TUM.

For more information on our programs, please refer to the respective bachelor's or master's program webpages.

1. What is the main language of instruction for the bachelor's and master's programs?

All of our bachelor's programs are taught in German. Our master's programs are taught in German and/or English. Please see the individual program descriptions for details. The following master's programs are taught entirely in English and do not require a German language certificate for the application:

  • Informatics
  • Informatics: Games Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Data Engineering and Analytics
  • Computational Science and Engineering

2. How can I check the status of my application?

In TUMonline, you can see if your uploaded documents

  • are formally correct (green tick) 
  • are formally not correct (yellow exclamation mark -> please contact
  • are not valid for any reason (red cross -> please contact

Due to the high number of applications processed, your documents may not be checked immediately – it may take a few days or even longer if you apply just before the deadline. Please understand that we cannot give you any information about the status of your application by e-mail or telephone. For information about the process timetable, please refer to the application pages of your selected program.

3. I'm having problems with my online application. Who can help me?

Please contact TUMonline support for applicants by e-mail at or

If you have any questions about the content of the program you want to apply for, please contact our academic advisors.

4. Can I apply for more than one program?

Yes. If you want to apply for more than one program, you have to submit a complete online application for each program. Each application will be processed separately. Therefore, all documents must be uploaded for each application.

If you are admitted to more than one degree program, you can choose which study place you want to accept in TUMonline.

1. When can I apply?

Bachelor's programs:
for the winter semester: May 15 - July 15
for the summer semester: November 15 - January 15 (only higher semester)

Master's programs:
For the summer semester (except MSc. Computational Science and Engineering): September 1 – October 31 (recommended for applicants who need a visa) or November 30 (total deadline for all applicants)
For the winter semester: January 1 – March 31 (recommended for applicants who need a visa) or May 31 (total deadline for all applicants)

It is not possible to submit application documents after the deadline. Exceptions are not possible! Make sure to plan accordingly (esp. language certificates etc.).

BEWARE: the evaluation process will only be started when the application is complete. The later you complete your application, the longer the evaluation will take and a timely start of the program cannot be guaranteed, esp. if visa is needed. It is very likely that you have to defer your study start to next semester.

2. What are the dates for the test dates held in Garching?

Winter semester:  August, September
Summer semester: February, March

For the exact interview dates, please check the application information for your selected program. For information about registration and assignment of dates, refer to FAQ: Interview

Telephone interviews can be held for applicants who live abroad for the MSc. Informatics: Games Engineering and M.Sc. Information Systems. These dates will be arranged individually. 

1. Do I have to send any documents via post to TUM for the application?

No. From 01st Sept 2019 on, the application at TUM is only online via TUMonline and no documents have to be sent via post for the application. During the online application, you have to upload all necessary application documents in the TUMonline portal. Please make sure to upload a document for each necessary section, otherwise your application is incomplete and will not be processed. Be aware that the department can only access your documents once the admission office has marked them as correct and complete.

In case you receive an admission, the application documents must be sent via post to the admission office for the enrolment. Be aware that some documents have to be submitted as notarized copies for the enrolment. Here you can find more information about notarization of documents

Uni-assist: applicants with a BSc. degree from outside EU/EEA: please be aware that in order to receive the preliminary documentation ("VPD"), the necessary documents have to be sent to uni-assist. Check here for all information about uni-assist:

2.Where can I get information on health insurance?

Please refer to TUM's information sheet on health insurance for international students.
You can submit the certificate when you enroll at the university in October (winter semester) or April (summer semester).

3. What is a personal statement or motivation letter?

The personal statement is one of the most important parts of your application. It gives us an impression of you as a person and, above all, it should tell us why you want to study this particular program at TUM (and why the program fits in with your previous academic career and plans for the future). Please also provide details of the skills and abilities that are relevant to your future studies. It is important for us to get to know you as a person, so we encourage you to write about your extracurricular activities or social commitments as well.

Finally, we request that you do not rewrite your resume (we have that already), do not praise TUM/Munich/Germany at great length (we've heard it often enough) and, above all, keep it short and concise (ca. 800 words).
We reserve the right to check the essay for authorship of the applicant and the use of unauthorized tools.

4. Which German/English language tests are accepted at TUM?

See Language Requirements.  

5. What does "certified copy" mean in TUMonline?

For the application, no documents must be submitted via post to TUM. Only in case you receive an admission, the necessary application documents have to be submitted in paper, some of the as notarized/certified copy.
Photocopies of your school leaving certificate or university diploma need to be certified as an official declaration that the photocopy corresponds to the original document.
In Germany, you can take the original and photocopy to the city administrative office (Stadtverwaltung) or Registration Office of the city you live in (only documents in German!). They will certify the photocopy for you for a small fee.
If you live outside Germany, you can go either to a German consulate, a relevant public authority, or a sworn translator.
Make sure to check the requirements for notarization which can be found here.

6. I was admitted last semester, but had to defer admission due to visa delays. Do I have to apply again?

Yes. If you missed your program start due to visa delays, you need to reapply in TUMonline for the semester in which you want to start your studies.
Apply in TUMonline within the official application period (!) using the same account:
- Please upload your essay, statement of reasons, English proof etc. from your first application.
- You also have to upload an updated CV (dated until the current date).
- Please make sure that you upload a document for each required application section, otherwise your application will not be processed.

If all necessary documents are uploaded correctly, you will automatically get a new admission. For the enrolment, you'll have to send the necessary documents via post to the admission office.

1. Where can I get information about the tuition fees and costs?

All information on tuition fees and on financing your studies can be found here.

2. I want to apply for a scholarship and need confirmation of contact. What should I do?

Please send an e-mail with the following details to

  • first and last name
  • date and place of birth
  • gender
  • transcript of records with your courses and grades as a PDF
  • the name of the study program you want to apply for
  • the name of the scholarship you want to apply for, application deadline, and the name of the organization awarding the scholarship

3. What pre-study courses are available?

All students:
The student group TUMi organizes an orientation program for students from all academic departments during the two weeks before the semester starts. A departmental orientation program is also arranged at TUM Informatics.

Bachelor's students:
In September and October we offer courses in programming and mathematics for incoming bachelor’s students who need to complete additional coursework in preparation for their programs.
Applicants for our bachelor's programs whose university entrance certificate is not recognized in Germany can complete a 6-to-12-month preparatory program, called Studienkolleg, culminating in the German university entrance examination, to gain eligibility. Note that intermediate German lnowledge is required for the Studienkolleg.

More information: Studienkolleg

4. Does TUM offer German language courses?

The TUM Language Center offers language courses, but these are only available to students who have been admitted and are already enroled at TUM. If you need to improve your German skills before applying for admission, we recommend DKFA in Munich and the Goethe Institut abroad.

1. Am I eligible for the program I want to apply for?

a) Eligibility - Formal Requirements:

Once you have uploaded all necessary application documents, the admissions office will check eligibility according to the guidelines issued by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK). 
The eligibility check is complex and we cannot give you any valid evaluation of your eligibility without having received your documents.
If you want to know whether your bachelor's degree is recognized in Germany, you can:

  • refer to the anabin website (in German only) 
  • ask for a certificate from the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) in Bonn. E-mail (fee: €200) 
  • applicants with a Bachelor's from outside EU/EEA: you must apply for a preliminary documentation ("VPD") at uni-assist. Uni-assist checks the Master's entrance for TUM and converts grades into the German system. All information about uni-assist.

b) Eligibility - Academic Qualification Requirements:

The academic qualification is assessed by TUM Informatics. The most important criteria are the content of your bachelor's program and its relevance to the program you are applying for as well as your academic performance, which should be above average.

Please check below for information regarding our M.Sc. Informatics: Games Engineering and our M.Sc. Computational Science and Engineering. Do also check the respective application websites.

2. How can I compensate missing competences?

If you notice that compared to our B.Sc. Informatics some important competences are missing (please check the Analysis of the Curriculum) when applying for the respective Master's program, you can compensate these by taking an exam at another university, e.g. your own university or any accredited open university. It is important that your course ends with an exam and you get a grade. That's why MOOCs (e.g. offered by Coursera or edX) or other online courses cannot be considered. Please contact us in case you have any question!

3.  Which institution code should I use when registering for a TOEFL or GRE test?

Please use for:
TOEFL: institution code: 7806, department code: 99 ("Graduate Schools" -> "any department not listed") 
GRE: institution code: 7806, department code: 5199.

4. Can application documents be submitted after the application deadline?

No. All necessary application documents must be uploaded in TUMonline within the official application period. It is not possible to submit application documents after the deadline. Exceptions are not possible! Make sure to plan accordingly (esp. language certificates etc.).

5. If my application is rejected this year, is it possible for it to be considered next year?

There is neither a waiting list nor a bonus system for admission if you are not admitted the first time you apply. Therefore, you will have to apply again if you want to secure a place on next year's program. However, you should keep in mind that applications for the program are rejected due to lack of qualifications. Thus, if you have not acquired additional academic qualification in the meantime, your application will be rejected again.

Students with a Bachelor in Computer Science or equivalent can be admitted under the condition to do bridging courses from TUM's B.Sc. Informatics: Games Engineering. They must either have very good grades and / or prove their experience in the implementation of computer games.
The bridging courses usually include: 

  • Game Physics 
  • Techniques in Artificial Intelligence and 
  • Game Engine Design (Lecture)

1. I don't have a Bachelor's degree in Informatics; but I have relevant working experience in the field. Can I apply?

Applicants need a Bachelor's degree in Informatics/Computer Science in order to get an admission to the M.Sc. Data Engineering and Analytics. 
We will compare your transcript to the curriculum of the B.Sc. Informatics program of TUM. If your Bachelor's program did not cover the subjects of the respective study program, you cannot be admitted to the Master's program. The academic qualification is the most important criteria for us. Missing academic qualification cannot be compensated by working experience.

2. Do I need a proof of German language knowledge for the admission?

The M.Sc. Data Engineering and Analytics can be completed in English and knowledge of the German language is not relevant for your admission.

3. I don't have any German language knowledge at the moment of applying. What possibilities do I have to obtain some German skills during my studies at TUM?

There are different possibilities to acquire German language skills. Many of our international students take German classes at TUM's Language Center. You have to be enrolled in order to register for the courses. We especially recommend the German Matters program offered by TUM's language center for students of our Department.
There are many other opportunities to take German courses outside of TUM. In general, these courses are not free of charge.

1. What is Computational Science and Engineering?

Computational Science and Engineering is the multi-disciplinary field of computer-based modeling and simulation for studying scientific phenomena and engineering designs. It requires methods from computer science, applied mathematics, and the respective application fields. Moreover, it often demands the use of high performance parallel computers to be able to cope with the difficulty and size of the problems.

2. How are the M.Sc. Computational Science and Engineering and the M.Sc. Informatics different? Is the M.Sc. Computational Science and Engineering a computer science program?

Definitely not! While specific topics of computer science will certainly be dealt with, the focus of the program is on methods of scientific computing. If you aspire a career in internet technology, software engineering, or some other "classical" discipline of computer science, you will be better off with a program dedicated to computer science or informatics.

3. Who is the typical student of the CSE program?

Being a multidisciplinary program, there is no such thing as the "typical CSE student". However, when we created the program, we especially wanted to address the following "types" of students:

  • students that have completed a bachelor’s (or master’s) degree in some engineering discipline, and are interested in simulation techniques in research and development.
  • students of the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, ...) who are interested in computational methods.
  • students of mathematics or computer science, who want to focus on applications of numerical methods, and similar fields.

4. Which kind of engineering or natural sciences degree is required for admission?

In general, the degrees in the following subjects are applicable for for admission:

  • mechanical engineering,
  • civil engineering,
  • physics or engineering physics.

In addition, degrees in electrical/electronical engineering, computer science or computer engineering, applied mathematics, or further natural sciences can also be applicable. This depends on the actual curriculum of the program, and of course on your personal choice of lectures/projects so far. You need to demonstrate a solid background in mathematics and at least some background in the classical engineering or science disciplines.

1. How do I enroll at TUM?

It is not necessary for you to enroll in person at the Admissions Office. Once you have submitted all of the required documents and paid your study fees, you will automatically be enrolled. Further information is available here.

2. Where can I get information about accommodation and visa applications?

More information is available here.

3. Where can I get my student card?

All information on formalities for new students is available here.

4. How do I change my status in TUMonline to a student status?

All information about formalities for new students is available here.

5. I have been admitted, but I cannot start my studies on time. What can I do?

Master's students can postpone their start of program, e.g. if they need time to finance their studies or did not get their visa on time.
The admission is valid if you do submit a new application for the respective semester. Please follow these steps:

- Apply in TUMonline as early as possible and within the official application period using the same account.
- Please upload your essay, statement of reasons, English proof etc. from your first application.
- You have to upload an updated CV (dated until the current date).
- Please make sure that you upload a document for each required application section, otherwise your application will not be processed.

If the uploaded application documents are complete and correct, you will automatically get a new admission. For the enrolment, you'll have to send the necessary documents via post to the admission office. Be aware that some documents have to be sent asnotarized copies. Check here for the notarization requirements:

Please also notify us at the department about the postponement:

You do not need to pay the tuition fee if you do not start your studies. You should not be enroled if you do not want to study in that semester.
Further information about how to reserve your spot.