Informatics (B.Sc.)

Please note: This program is taught entirely in German – in addition to the summary information below, you can visit our German website for more detailed information about the program.

Informatics is the study of the storage, transformation, and communication of information. It is an ever-evolving discipline that explores how information is structured, represented, and processed in both natural and engineered computational systems. The Bachelor's in Informatics at TUM is an exciting and challenging degree program with a strong interdisciplinary focus. It gives you the opportunity to develop solid theoretical, practical, and technical skills in this fast-moving field.


The Bachelor's in Informatics is taught over six semesters and encompasses a diverse range of modules and teaching methods. The program is designed to provide a solid grounding in computing systems, structures, and mathematical principles, while also giving students the opportunity to explore specific areas in greater depth in their bachelor's thesis.

In the first semesters of the program, you will be introduced to the essential concepts and principles of programming languages, IT architecture, algorithms and data structures, software engineering, database systems, computer networks, and operating systems. Besides the pure informatics you will also acquire knowledge in mathematical basics, like analysis, linear algebra, and discrete mathematics. You will also undertake practical projects that allow you to apply the skills you have learned. You will move on to study the fundamental concepts of theoretical computer science, and probability and statistics, and will learn how to present a scientific seminar paper.

In the later semesters of the program, you will choose elective courses from an extensive list that includes topics from software engineering, databases, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, security, computer architecture, and algorithms. You will also complete your final thesis and learn about the many options open to you after your bachelor's degree.

Who Should Apply?

You must be able to submit proof of advanced German language skills to qualify for admission to this program. All modules in this program are taught in German only.

We are looking for motivated individuals who enjoy logical problem-solving tasks and are fascinated by information systems, 3D animation, computer networks, software architecture, and artificial intelligence. Previous knowledge of informatics is not necessary, but you should possess the ability to recognize problems, understand them, and work towards finding effective solutions. You should also be able to demonstrate an aptitude for mathematics and an interest in the natural sciences, along with good German and English language skills. You should be able to communicate well with others and work as part of a team.

Information on the application process and deadlines for international students applying to a bachelor’s program is available in English.

Career Opportunities

Although a relatively young discipline, informatics quickly has become a pacesetting force in industrialized societies. Graduates of the Bachelor's in Informatics program have gone on to exciting careers in the fields of software engineering, research, and IT consultancy – in Germany and abroad. They work in all industry sectors, including business, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, and medicine. Informatics bachelor’s graduates design complex information systems for businesses, program robots, build data networks between banks and corporations, and develop traffic control systems – among countless other essential service sectors.

Meet some of our successful alumni in this field

You can either start working immediately after your bachelor’s degree working within software development, or continue with a master’s program to deepen your knowledge. Many bachelor’s students choose to continue on to one of the master’s programs offered in our department.