Interdisciplinary Information Systems

"Towards your bachelor in small groups – well-founded theory and practical gain"

Characteristic of the TUM's Information Systems is the orientation to social, technical and economic aspects during the creation of useful innovations and value added networks, the connection from manufacturer and user perspective on corporate software, the close collaboration with companies and management and the transfer of knowledge through the formation of an enterprise. Summary: Information Systems is the right choice for young people with a view to the whole thing and interest in its creation.


The connection between Informatics and Business Administration, an adequate mathematical foundation and pertinent offerings for immersion -is what is offered in the Information Systems Bachelor course of study at the TU München. Within 6 semesters the course of study imparts practically allocated theortical information systems basics and optimally prepares you for future fields of activity: the development and management of information systems and business processes within a company.


With respect to Information Systems, the TUM places a clear emphasis on informatics skills. You are studying at one of the largest and most renowned faculties of informatics in Germany with over 30 Professors and you will find competent contact persons for all subjects. Furthermore, the TUM teaches technological and management oriented business studies that are closely geared to the Information Systems course of study.

Main Focus

The course of study is made up of different fields. The emphasis is on the core areas Information Systems, Economics, Informatics and the basic principles of Mathematics. Theoretical knowledge will practically be implemented in practical exercises, programming internships and seminars. In the last year of your studies you have the possibility to practically apply your acquired knowledge to projects with leading companies and to get an internationally renowned degree with your Bachelor work.


Numerous opportunities are open to you after your studies: direct entry into a job in a company, self-employment or the continuation of studies. The next step is the Master's degree to be followed by a promotion. Should you decide to work after your Bachelor, you will take on jobs such as system and application specialist, project manager, information manager or management consultant with a focus on information technology. Graduates of the TU München aspire to executive functions in the areas of IT and Management.