Shaping the Information Society

Companies are increasingly developing their central processes with computer assistance. Therefore they require experts who could design and understand complex corporate software.

The knowledge of being able to combine business and a data processing point of view when creating information systems and business processes are what creates the high demand for business data processing specialists within the job market. The demand is continous for these experts especially in the growing fields of IT services, software companies and consulting.

The course of study at the TUM prepares you for executive positions in the economy and gives our graduates good job entry and good opportunities to earn money. Additionally the TUM supports its graduates with its own corporate activities and helps them to become self-employed.

Jakob Stoeck, self-employed IT-Consultant

Jakob Stoeck studied Information Systems at the TU München and after having received his Bachelor degree in 2008, he has been working as a self-employed business data processing specialist in Genoa, Italy

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