Job Market: Excellent career prospects for TUM Informatics Alumni

Students of the TUM Department of Informatics have excellent chances for a good career start — for many reasons. Whether it be smartphones, YouTube, or virtual reality games, informatics has a major impact on our daily lives and fuels the world’s most exciting innovations.

Graduates in informatics are shaping the future! They are active in almost all branches of the economy and in many aspects of our lives, and the field keeps growing and changing. Computer scientists work in industry, in commerce, at insurance companies, in the service sector, in consulting, in public administration, and in research.

The IT job market is booming

The IT job market is booming. In 2016, the industry association Bitkom reported 51,000 open positions for IT specialists. 70 percent of information, telecommunication, and communications (ITC) companies reported a shortage of specialists.

Already today, more than a million people are employed in the ITC sector. That makes it the second largest industrial employer in Germany. Each year since 2011, German ITC companies have created at least 20,000 new jobs, with many of them arising in software firms and companies offering IT services.

It is not only the traditional informatics fields that are offering young people great career prospects. The games market, for instance, also offers many opportunities. In the first half of 2016, the German computer and video games market grew by 10 percent.

Furthermore: Getting into the IT field pays off financially, as shown by the Glassdoor study from 2016.