Personal Support for International Students

An exciting and enriching experience awaits you at TUM Informatics. You will enjoy a great deal of independence in shaping your studies here, allowing you to satisfy your curiosity. At the same time, you will be able to rely on our professional and academic staff to support with a strong support network.

We’re Here to Help

From the application process to post-graduation options, we will advise you and see you through it all. And we understand your needs and common questions: roughly 30 percent of our students are international, and 25 percent of our domestic students study abroad.

Before You Arrive

All necessary information concerning application and admission are provided on our websites. Specific questions about the application process will be answered in a quick and individual manner by our team.
For those who receive an admission, we offer many introduction and orientation events before the lecture start. More information here.

During Your Studies

Throughout your stay at TUM Informatics, you will have access to our academic advisors, who can assist you with all matters relating to your studies. You can also call on our personal counseling and assistance services to help you adjust to life in Germany and deal with any practical matters and personal questions you might have. Our various mentoring programs serve as additional resources for your academic success. Female students can also network and learn from each other through our Informatics Women’s Forum.

Prepare for Your Career

Before you leave us, we can help you get ready for the next steps in your academic or professional life through our career guidance services. Starting in the very first semester, you will be able to take part in Career Service information sessions that will benefit your future career as well as any jobs you take on during your studies. You will also expand your knowledge of other cultures – including the German culture! – and improve your intercultural communication and professional collaboration skills thanks to our intercultural training and language courses.