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In national rankings, the Department of Informatics at the Technical University of Munich is in the lead: HR managers regularly award it a high reputation. In many international rankings too, TUM Informatics has emerged – many years in a row now – as the best German university in the field of Informatics.  Here are some examples:

  • THE World University Rankings 2022 by subject – Computer Science
  • QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 – Computer Science & Information Systems
  • ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2021 - Computer Science & Engineering („Shanghai-Ranking“)
  • National Taiwan University Ranking 2021 – Computer Science
  • US News & World Report 2019 – Best Global Universities for Computer Science

Our Department in International Rankings

In the single subject ranking from the “QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 - Computer Science & Information Systems”, TUM Informatics is classified as being the top German university in informatics and holds the 29th place (2021: 35th place; 2020: 36th place; 2019: 34th place; 2018: 42nd place). The university has held this leading position in Germany for many years now. No other German Department of Informatics has made it in the top 50 listing. The “QS World University Rankings by Subject“, which assesses individual subjects and compares universities, uses data from the “QS World University Rankings”. The subject ranking is methodically based on surveys from academics and employers and on the number of citations per scientific publication in a particular subject. For this purpose, reference was made to data sets from the research citations literature database “Scopus”.
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The TUM Department for Informatics, according to the “THE World University Rankings 2022 by subject“, belongs to the Top 20 worldwide in “Computer Science“. In the ranking, it reached 14th place (2019: 26th place; 2020: 18th place; 2021: 14th place) making it once again the best Informatics department in Germany. 
“Times Higher Education” queries scientists worldwide about the reputation of universities in terms of research and teaching.  Furthermore, data such as the number of publications per scientist, citations per publication, the ratio between lecturers and students, third party funding received from industry, and the degree of internationalization is evaluated.
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In the individual subject ranking „ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2022 - Computer Science & Engineering“ („Shanghai-Ranking“) the TUM Informatics is again placed at rank 51 - 75 (2021: rank 51 - 75; 2020: rank 51 - 75; 2019: rank 51 - 75).
The Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranking evaluates the research achievements of universities worldwide. In the process, the following will be rated: Publications in important trade journals, scientist citation rates and the number of scientists and alumni who have won Nobel Prizes and field medals.
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International rankings in previous years (Department of Informatics)

Our Department in National Rankings

HR managers at German companies agree that the TUM produces outstanding graduates in Informatics. In a 2022 Germany-wide university ranking by the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche”, TUM Informatics took third place and TUM Information Systems took first. To perform the ranking, almost 600 HR managers were asked which universities provide the best training for the needs of business.


WiWo-Ranking TUM Informatics

2020 2019 2018 2016 2015 2014
3 1 3 3 1




WiWo-Ranking TUM Information Systems

2020 2019 2018 2016 2015 2014
1 1 2 2 1



In the Centre for Higher Education Development’s (CHE) 2020/21 ranking, TUM Informatics has achieved top positions in almost all categories, making it to one of the best Informatic departments in Germany. CHE assessed the categories: research orientation, support in studies, support in the study entry phase and overall study situation. The CHE Ranking refers to German-speaking areas and primarily serves as a type of orientation for prospective students. The Centre for Higher Education Development has assessed more than 300 universities. It evaluates individual subjects every three years. The CHE interviews students and uses various indicators from teaching and research approaches. As a result, universities in each category will be classified into three groups (the top group, middle group and bottom group).

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In the “CHE Ranking 2020/21 Business Computing,” the TUM Informatics department placed in the top for the three categories “overall study situation” and “support in the study entry phase” and "research orientation". The detailed analysis of the rankings shows that students are particularly satisfied with TUM Information Systems: in ten of the twelve sub-categories students voted the TUM into the top. 

The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE), a German think tank, analyzed over 300 universities offering Bachelor degree courses as part of the most comprehensive ranking in the German-speaking world, which is primarily intended to offer guidance to those interested in embarking upon courses of study. It evaluates individual disciplines in three-year cycles. The CHE surveys both students and scientists and uses various teaching and research indicators depending upon the subject. The universities are consequently classified into three groups (top, middle and bottom) in the individual categories.

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National Rankings from previous years (Department of Informatics)

The Technical University of Munich in Rankings

In both international and national rankings, the Technical University of Munich is rated as one of Germany’s top universities. 

A detailed overview of the current university rankings can be found here.