Master of Bioinformatics Course of Study

Master of Science

The Master course of study follows the Bachelor degree and has a prescribed period of study of four semesters which includes a 6 month final project. Next to a comprehensive intership in Bioinformatics, one can personally select and attend intensive lectures/events in the fields of bioinformatics, informatics and molecular Biology/Biochemistry. The international Master of Science degree represents a career and research qualificatory final degree.

Course of Study Contents

The course of study is geared to an interdisciplinary education in biology/chemistry and informatics. During the first two years of the Bachelor course of study basic knowledge in mathematics, informatics, biology and chemistry will be communicated as well as a comprehensive introduction into bioinformatics. In the further course of your studies (in the last academic year of your bachelor and in the master) the emphasis will be placed on Bioinformatics. Intensified courses examine themes in informatics and in molecular biology. Whoever studies bioinformtics will be qualified for practical assignments in industrial research and for technical information-oriented basic research in natural sciences (Naturwissenschaft). A multitude of Munich university institutes and faculties and other research institutes are directly involved with the common bioinformatics course of study in Munich. In this way, a broad base for an excellent education and direct exposure to current research in all of the life sciences fields is given at the highest level.