The Master’s in Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence is taught in English and German over four semesters and is a joint program between the Department of Informatics, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Each subject area is taught by leading experts in their field. TUM occupies the top position in all relevant rankings and is optimally equipped with first-rate laboratories and workshops.

In addition to the basics of mechanical robot construction, you will learn about the electronic components of robots, methods of signal processing, sensor data evaluation, programming, artificial intelligence, and human-robot interaction. An additional goal of this Master’s program is to bridge the gap between engineering and cognitive science. The program is not solely engineering based – by including modules from neuroscience and cognitive science in addition to engineering it encourages students to acquire a wider understanding of the principles of all disciplines involved.

In semesters 1-3, you will complete compulsory modules in the fields of robotics, cognition, and intelligence, including:

  • Computer vision and machine learning
  • Controlling autonomous systems
  • Robot motion planning
  • Image understanding
  • Artificial intelligence

You will also choose an elective module and take an advanced seminar, a practical lab course and can choose other practical training.

The modules you can choose constantly evolve and we update our programme accordingly. Please follow this link to find an up-to-date version of the RCI programme.


In semester 4, you will work on a master's thesis involving the independent, in-depth study of a chosen area of robotics and develop a fully functioning system.