Discrepancy Check


Construction companies employ CAD software during the planning phase but what is finally built often does not match the original plan. The procedure of validating the model is called 'discrepancy check'. The system proposed here allows the user to easily obtain an augmentation in order to find differences between the planned 3D model and the built items. The main difference to previous body of work in this field is the emphasis on usability and acceptance of the solution. While standard image-based solutions use markers or rely on a 'perfect' 3D model to find the pose of the camera; our software uses Anchor-Plates. Anchor-Plates are rectangular structures installed on walls and ceiling in the majority of industrial edifices. We at CAMP are using them as landmarks because they are the most reliable components often used as reference coordinates by constructors. Furthermore; for real industrial applications; they are the most suitable solutions in terms of general applicability. For this project we try to bring a innovative solution to the discrepancy check procedure by applying Augmented Reality.