Academic Prerequisites

You have to fulfill formal requirements to be accepted as a doctoral candidate. The most important one is that you have to hold a master's degree or a "Diplom" with an above average grade.

Find a thesis adviser

You will do your research at one of the chairs of the Informatics Department. The first major step is to find a supervisor. The supervisor has to be a professor of the Informatics Department. He has to accept you as a doctoral candidate and to agree on the thesis topic. In addition, you need a mentor who can but not necessarily has to be a professor at the department as well and who will also advise you on your way to your Ph.D.

Fill in the supervision agreement

Together with your supervisor and mentor, you fill in the supervision agreement of the Cedosia graduate center. You might also apply for another graduate center if your supervisor advises you to do so. This document must be signed by your supervisor, your mentor, and yourself.

Apply to become a doctoral student

Once your supervision agreement is signed, you apply online to become a doctoral candidate. You will have to provide all required documents electronically through the portal.

Deliver your documents to the deanery

When the online application is finished, please print the information, sign the printed document and take it together with the supervision agreement to the deanery of the Informatics Department.

Acceptance as doctoral candidate

Your submitted documents will now be checked. If you hold a foreign master degree, the nostrification process will be started. After successful completion, you will receive an Email confirming your acceptance for the TUM Graduate School. You are now on TUM's list of doctoral candidates. You might download the admission letter from the application portal.

Enrol as a student at TU München

After your acceptance you may now enrol into the regular doctorate program. All in all, you may be enroled at most for three years. In contrast to your participation in the TUM Graduate School, the enrolment as a student is not obligatory.