Bernhard Gatzhammer

Bernhard Gatzhammer received a Master of Science with Honours in Computational Science and Engineering (TUM), and is now PhD student in the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) at TUM.

Before I came to Munich, I studied Mechatronics Engineering at the FH Regensburg. I successfully completed my studies there as a diploma engineer in the year 2006. The usual way for a university of applied sciences graduate is, then, to go to industry. However, I felt very attracted by the opportunity to continue studies in the form of a Master’s program at a university. After an extensive search for suitable study programs, I applied for the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) program at the TU München. For me, the chance to take part in an honours program, the international atmosphere – the whole course is conducted in English – and, of course, the content of the studies played a major role to apply for the program.

After a successful application, I started into the first semester in October 2006. The first semester of CSE was very precious to me, since the introductory courses allowed me to catch up with the computer science students. The program proved to be really international, with students coming from almost everywhere in the world. Interesting discussions and cultural exchange were preprogrammed. My high motivation to get into the BGCE honours program enabled me to obtain the necessary grades and ended in a successful application by the end of the first semester. The following year of studies turned out to be a demanding, but also rewarding time, where I could gain a lot of insights into scientific computing. Especially the lab courses, which consist of supervised programming assignments, helped me to understand the theory better and also provided a lot of fun.

After the two years of studying, it got clear for me that I would like to keep up the academical work, and so I decided to do my Master’s thesis at the chair of Scientific Computing in Computer Science, which is also the main host of the CSE program, and which was rather familiar to me at this point of time. The topic of my thesis was fluid-structure interaction, and the courses of the CSE program enabled me to quickly get into it. After completion of the study program, I directly started with a doctorate position at the chair in October 2008 and this is were I am at the moment.