Niko Manopulo

Niko Manopulo earned a Master of Science with Honours in Computational Science and Engineering at TUM. He is now PhD student at the Institute of Virtual Manufacturing at ETH Zürich.

When I finished my bachelor studies in Civil Engineering, I had a difficult choice to make. Either I was going to pursue a specialization in one of the classical branches in my field, such as structural or environmental engineering, or I was going to do something new. I preferred to go the risky way and I applied for the CSE program in TUM. I can only say that it has been worth the risk. A broad curriculum ranging from Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations to Software Engineering gave us, CSE students, a powerful set of tools to be applied in virtually every stage of engineering and scientific software development.

I am dealing with special software solutions for complex engineering problems since then. I first found the opportunity to apply my newly acquired knowledge at BMW in Munich, where as an intern, I supported a team working on the optimization and robustness analysis of the production of car body parts. Currently I am working on my PhD thesis at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. My topic is the numerical simulation of fineblanking processes.

The CSE background I posses, not only enables me to devise innovative solutions strategies to the challanging numerical problem at hand, but also allows me to support our institute in questions regarding software development and numerical methods.