Regular events

Need a break from your home office study hours? Join us on your lunch break or after uni/work and meet your female Computer Science squad via Zoom! We have many exciting things planned, including coding workshops, speaker events, and industry preparedness workshops! We are thrilled to meet you all and stay strong together during these challenging times! So join us, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date, for event updates, and access to the event Zoom links!

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Meetung three amazing women from Texas Instruments (TI) for a remote panel discussion to answer all of your questions about job interviews, how to prepare for them, and building confidence.

The aim of the panel is to give students of TUM an opportunity to learn more about the different career types in Apple.
Concretely, in this event, we focus on supporting our students to get further insights on the application and the interviewing process through the lenses of five female Apple engineers with Math and CS backgrounds.

Our goal is to bring a diverse group of interdisciplinary students together to create solutions related to improving the future of smart cities. We especially hope to support the cause of using Tech for Good within this initiative.

Anastasia Barner founded her first startup FeMentor at just 20 years old. The first females-only reverse mentoring platform in German-speaking countries, Greece, Romania, and England. She is in talks with partners from big companies like McKinsey and is making herself heard.
With over 18,300 followers on Instagram, she knows how to use social media for social projects and startups. She has given talks at universities such as the EU Business School, events in front of 600 women and companies.
In her workshop, she will talk about founding as a young woman, what GEN Z has to offer, and why everyone needs a reverse mentor.

Program your own bot and get the chance to let it compete in a tournament!
Join us for a fun evening to find out who can build the best bot! No prior machine learning knowledge is needed. Nevertheless, you should have some basic programming skills(in any language), to be able to participate successfully.

In this workshop, you will learn to program your first bot all inside your browser. You can even let it compete in a tournament at the end of the workshop!

In this workshop, we will explore how you can overcome self-limiting beliefs, tap into your authentic confidence, and start taking action every day so that you can achieve your full potential.

Elizabeth Skinner Coaching will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and to enhance your self awareness. Elizabeth Skinner is a Certified Professional Life Coach who empowers strong, driven women to feel confident about who they are and what they do so they can show up courageously in all areas of their life.

A fascinating LaTeX Workshop with our friend Thomas. This event helps you to sharpen your LaTeX skills for completing your thesis or as a good-to-know.

We invite ALL (f, m, nb) to our first virtual event of the SS21 on April 22, starting at 6pm.

This time, we, the Women in CS @ TUM, have partered up with Code Pub Munich. Be excited for a series of lightning talks from three inspiring women, all of whom studied at TU Munich. They will share their personal stories of how they got into IT, how they found their passion, and they will also give insights into their current projects. Topics include the life of an IT-consultant, data science, and research projects as a doctoral candidate.

We are looking forward to enjoying an awesome evening with you!

Please register for the event and feel free to invite your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances and share the event on your social networks!

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Date: 05.02.2021
  • Start: 15:00 CET
  • End: ~17:00 CET

Are you curious how Alexa knows everything? Join us for a quick peek into Alexa Skills Kit with Ruiyun!


HI all! My name is Ruiyun Xie. I am from China originally and am living in Germany for 7 years. I’m a master student of Information Systems at TUM and to-be master student of Informatics. I also did my bachelor's at TUM in Information Systems where I discovered my passion for software engineering. I have worked for Check24, Deutsche Bank and also did an internship in Singapore. If you have ever wondered how Alexa works and wanted to design your own Alexa skill then join me for your chance to get a first insight! The meeting will be on February 5th at 15:00 (3 pm) on zoom, hope to see you all there!



Date: 10.02.2021, 19:00 CET
Narrowing the Tech Gap - Why We Need More Female Rock Stars to Take the Stage

Only as few as 15% of data science students worldwide are women, which shows that data science, like most STEM fields, still has a daunting gender diversity problem (BCG, 2020). This virtual event will feature an all-female line-up of speakers from academia and industry and aims to provide valuable career advice from female professionals and to connect you with potential mentors and collaborators in the field. Listen to these experts as they talk about challenges overcome, their current research, and their advice for other women interested in a tech career. After the panel discussion, you will have the opportunity to interact with the panelists and other SAP professionals in different break-out sessions.

  • Welcome: 19:00 - 19:15 CET
  • Q&A: 20:00 - 20 : 20 CET
  • Break-out Sessions: 20:20 - 20:50 CET
Our Goal

We want to inform, inspire, motivate and provide the momentum to help you build your career as well as reach your development goals. Learn how to pursue those goals and take center stage. Join us for an insightful online discussion with women who are passionate about tech. They are ready to take all your burning questions. This event is open to all genders and all university degrees.

Through the CV Resume Workshop, we gave students tips on how to create a successful CV. In addition, they had the opportunity to work with other participants to update their résumés and to review and discuss each other's CVs. Consequently, each student was placed in a group with 2 other participants so that they could give each other constructive feedback on their résumés and learn about current trends.


Emna Ben Yacoub received the Bavarian Engineering Award for her master's thesis. Her algorithms are useful for applications ranging from energy-efficient communication for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices to high-throughput (Tbps) decoding for long-haul fiber optics. Emna explained what information theory is and why it is so important to our everyday lives.


Sarah Amsellem has more than a decade of experience in machine learning at top companies like Google, Apple, and Disney Research. And she shared with us what it's like as a woman pursuing a career in tech.

The students learned how to best solve some common programming problems and tried to solve them themselves through practical exercises.


Too many of us spend our lives trying to fix our weaknesses when we could be mastering our strengths. In this workshop, participants learned the importance of focusing on their natural strengths and how to bring them to fruition in their lives!