Thesis Information

The master’s thesis involves focused research on a specific topic for six months or less. By the time you complete your thesis, you should be able to show an understanding of the concepts that you researched and their applications. Your research does not need to be groundbreaking, and it can even be a new idea or implementation of an existing idea.

We highly encourage students to do their thesis at an international university/research institute or commercial partner and do support interested students in finding positions for them at our partner institutions. Please contact us for more details.

Before officially registering your master’s thesis with TUM, you must first consult with your advisor to choose a topic. If you plan to do your thesis outside TUM Informatics, one of the affiliated professors at informatik department (e.g. Prof. Dr. Navab) will act as a secondary advisor and has to also approve and evaluate your thesis. In such cases the students are advised to plan for a common meeting with all professors (partners) to discuss the project details.

For administrative details about registering and submission of your Master thesis pleaser refer to the General Master's Thesis webpage.