Athens Programme

TUM is an active participant in the EU-sponsored ATHENS Program. ATHENS is a network of 24 European universities offering intensive one-week courses in engineering, natural sciences, and mathematics, twice a year in March and November.

Each course is assessed through a final exam and gives 2 ECTS credits upon successful completion. Social and cultural activities are planned throughout the week. Participation in an ATHENS course is a great way to easily gain international experience, meet new contacts, and learn about a new subject area.

There are no tuition fees for ATHENS courses, but students are expected to cover housing and travel costs.

Please contact the coordination of your study program or the contact person for support electives (cf. also the website for transferring credits from a study exchange), if you want to transfer credits from an ATHENS course. Please note: Credits can only be transferred if you visit a course outside TUM.

More information about upcoming courses and application procedures can be found at the central ATHENS website of TUM International Center.