Thesis Abroad

Students in both bachelor’s and master’s programs are able to arrange to write their degree thesis abroad. Any university can come into consideration, not only TUM partner universities. Writing your thesis overseas allows you to gain insight into a field of specialization while developing your intercultural experience and competence.

A thesis abroad is always a highly individual plan, so there is no general schema to follow.

Planning Your Stay

When writing your thesis abroad, you will need two supervisors: one at TUM Informatics and one at the university abroad. Finding a supervisor is a individual process of negotiation and research, so we recommend that you start planning your thesis, including contacting potential supervisors, approx. 6 months in advance of your intended stay abroad.

To get started with making plans or for general guidance, contact Ms. Martina von Imhoff.

Options for Writing Your Thesis Abroad

Independently Organized Stays Abroad
If you would like to write your thesis at an university abroad, you can arrange to spend a semester there via directly contacting the institution to see if they can accept you. This option is a bit time-consuming for you as a student, as you will need to organize all aspects of the stay yourself. Nevertheless you have the freedom of choice in academic matters as well as with regards to the destination. Usually there are no specific deadlines.

Erasmus+ Study Program - SMS
Theses at universities that are partnered with TUM Informatics via ERASMUS+ porgram are usually part of a stay abroad for two semesters. It is easier and recommendable to find a supervisor locally for the second semester abroad. The ERASMUS+ Study Program focuses on students wanting to take courses abroad.

TUMexchange is an exchange program for students who plan to take courses abroad. Only in very rare cases is it possible to organize a thesis via TUMexchange. So it is recommended to organise a thesis by yourself and not via TUMexchange. Then yny university can come into consideration and you are not limited by the list of TUM partner universities. The TUMexchange framework is usually not flexible enough for research stays, as the deadlines for TUMexchange are in fall and only once a year for stays abroad during the following academic year.

Scholarships and Funding for research stays abroad

Support through TUM

TUM offers a limited amount of scholarships for research abroad. Studies and research outside of the ERASMUS+ program are prioritized; see the central website of TUM International Center for details. 

Erasmus Placement Program
The Erasmus+ Placement Program (SMP) provides financial support for your thesis research stay abroad in an ERASMUS+ country: you can pursue a thesis at any universitiy in an ERASMUS+ country, so it doesn't necessarily have to be a TUM partner university. Once you have found a supervisor at an university you can apply for the Erasmus+ placement scholarship.

Additional funding opportunities