Three new professorships at TUM Campus Heilbronn

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New study program "Bachelor in Information Engineering" launched in the winter semester of 2021/22

In the course of the new study program "Bachelor in Information Engineering", which was launched at TUM Campus Heilbronn in the winter semester of 2021/22 with around 100 first-year students, three new professors were provisionally appointed on 1 October 2021. Prof. Michael Luttenberger will in future manage "Infomatics Heilbronn 1 - Professorship for Efficient Algorithms". Prof. Carsten Trinitis is responsible for "Informatics Heilbronn 2 - Professorship for Computer Architecture & Operating Systems". Prof. Stephan Krusche is in charge of "Informatics Heilbronn 3 - Professorship for Software Engineering". TUM Campus Heilbronn focuses on the areas of managing digital transformation, family businesses, and information engineering. It shares the vision, mission, values, and strategy of the Technical University of Munich, the TUM Department of Informatics, and the TUM School of Management. The TUM Campus Heilbronn was inaugurated in the winter semester of 2018/2019.

In this successful high-tech region, TUM is educating young graduates ideally prepared to work at technology-driven companies. The range of degree options at the campus, which now offers one bachelor's and two master's programs centered around management sciences, is in future to be expanded to include a master's program in Information Engineering in addition to the new bachelor's program.