Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award for Prof. B. Brügge, Prof. S. Krusche and J. P. Bernius

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TUM honors system for the automatic correction of free-text assignments

Prof. Bernd Brügge
Prof. Stephan Krusche
Jan Philip Bernius

Prof. Bernd Brügge, Prof. Stephan Krusche and Jan Philip Bernius received the Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award for outstanding lecturers in university teaching. The award honors up to three innovative and successful teaching projects implemented at TUM each round. The awarded project of Prof. Brügge, Prof. Krusche and Doctoral Candidate Bernius deals with the automatic correction of free-text assignments. Student numbers continue to rise, creating enormous workloads for instructors, especially when it comes to correcting assignments. While certain tasks (e.g. multiple choice) correct themselves automatically, this is not possible for the frequently used free-text tasks. The three university lecturers Brügge, Krusche and Bernius developed a learning system that uses machine learning to automatically correct assignments. The system will learn which solutions are correct and which are incorrect during the first corrections and can correct further solutions automatically. The vision is that the correction effort can be significantly reduced while the quality of the correction increases.

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