Joining forces to shape the 6G future

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Munich and Dresden to pool resources in 6G hub

The TUM and the Technical University of Dresden (TUD) are creating a 6G research hub. The Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) is providing 70 million euros in funding for 6G-life, a joint project of the two Excellence Universities. 6G-life will develop technologies for the new wireless communications standard and make an important contribution to Germany’s digital sovereignty. Around 40 senior researchers at the two Excellence Universities will be involved in the project, which will receive 70 million euros in funding. Partaking persons from the TUM Department of Informatics are: Prof. Susanne Albers (Chair of Algorithms and Complexity, Theoretical Computer Science), Prof. Georg Carle (Chair of Network Architectures and Services), Prof. Claudia Eckert (Chair of IT Security), Prof. Sami Haddadin (Chair of Robotics Science and System Intelligence, Joint Appointment with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Prof. Jörg Ott (Chair of Connected Mobility).

6G technology is centered around people and their communications and interactions with machines and virtual worlds. 6G-life will focus in particular on two application areas already being explored in numerous high-profile projects at TUM: Industry 4.0 and digital medicine.

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