Hans Meuer Award 2020 for TUM Team

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The awardees are A. Raoofy, R. Karlstetter, D. Yang, Prof. Dr. M. Schulz and Dr.-Ing. C. Trinitis

The PhD Students Amir Raoofy, Roman Karlstetter and Dai Yang, Prof. Martin Schulz and Senior Scientist Dr.-Ing. Carsten Trinitis (all Chair of Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems) received the Hans Meuer Award 2020. This award honors the most outstanding research paper submitted to the Research Papers Committee in the frame of the conference "ISC High Performance“. This year's inaugural online event took place from June, 22 to June 25. With 4.680 registered participants it has been the largest online HPC event up until now. It focused on bringing the most critical developments and trends in high performance computing, machine learning and data analytics for the benefit of the global HPC community.
The Hans Meuer Award has been introduced in the memory of the late Prof. Dr. Hans Meuer, general chair of the ISC conference from 1986 through 2014, and co-founder of the TOP500 project. The prize winners jointly receive a cash prize of 5.000 EUR, an award certificate, and a free conference pass for the next ISC High Performance. In their paper, Amir Raoofy, Roman Karlstetter and Dai Yang introduce a novel MPI-based approach for the calculation of a matrix profile for multi-dimensional time series that pushes scalability limits. They evaluate the efficiency of their approach using an analytical performance model combined with experimental data. Finally, the young researchers demonstrate their solution on a 128-dimensional time series dataset of 1 million records, solving 274 trillion sorts at a sustained 1.3 Petaflop/s performance on the SuperMUC-NG system.