Prof. F. Brandt receives TUM Supervisory Award 2021

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Exemplary supervision and commitment in the training of doctoral candidates honored

Prof. Felix Brandt

Prof. Felix Brandt, Chair for Decision Sciences and Systems was awarded with the TUM Supervisory Award 2021 for his exemplary supervision and for his commitment in the training of doctoral candidates. His doctoral candidates emphasize that he supports his candidates during the entire time of their research project. He encourages everyone to take part in additional workshops and seminars. In 2021 the TUM Supervisory Award prize money of 5.000 EUR is funded by the Bund der Freunde der Technischen Universität e.V. for the first time. The supervisor must spend this prize money for the benefit of his or her doctoral candidates according to the public budget law e.g. by organizing workshops, supporting research stays abroad, buying relevant software or updating the chair’s library. The prize was presented to Prof. Brandt at this year’s TUM Awards Dinner.