Providentia++ publishes A9 Dataset

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Connected and autonomous driving should become safer

With the A9 Dataset, the Providentia++ consortium publishes data from the testfield A9 near Garching for the first time. In addition to the actual measured values, the anonymized data also contains specially prepared and categorized sequences and scenarios. They come from fixed sensors of different types that look down on the traffic from the birds-eye perspective. This view helps to make connected and autonomous driving safer.
As of now, researchers can use datasets generated by the Providentia++ research project. More than 80 sensors are currently in use around the clock to monitor traffic on a section of the A9 freeway, the B471 highway and an intersection in the Garching-Hochbrück urban area. The first data sets have now been selected by the team of scientists at the TUM and are available for download against registration. „This data supports researchers in training AI-based models, researching traffic behavior, optimizing traffic flow, developing simulations for smart city solutions, exploring scenarios or designing value-added services“, the head of the Providentia++ consortium Prof. Alois Knoll  (Chair for Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems) says.

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