Award Ceremony

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Prizes for excellent teaching at the Department of Informatics awarded

In consequence of the Corona pandemic the event had to be cancelled as a part of the Summer Party and had to take place without the awardees as a video recording (in German only).

See the video clip

Presentation: Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumann, Dean of Studies


CeDoSIA Supervisory Awards

The „Center of Doctoral Studies in Informatics and its Applications“ (CeDoSIA) honors the best doctoral supervisors (Professors or Post-Docs).
Laudatory speech: David Soto Setzke

1st Place: PD Dr. Tobias Lasser (Computational Imaging and Inverse Problems Research Group) 

2nd Place: PD Dr. Georgios Kaissis (Chair of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine)

3rd Place: Prof. Dr. Georg Groh (Research Group „Social Computing“)


TeachInf Awards by the Student Council MPI

The Student Council of the Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics honors its awardees who were chosen whithin the framework of a lecture inquiry conducted by the Student Council.
Laudatory speech: Philip Höbler

Awardees TeachInf Awards

PD Dr. Tobias Lasser, Bernhard Radke, Christoph Anneser, Sebastian Wolf: Best compulsory course in summer term 2020, Grundlagen Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen *

Prof. Dr. Stephan Günnemann, Johannes Klicpera, Anna-Kathrin Kopetzki, Marin Bilos: Best elective course in summer term 2020, Selected Topics in Machine Learning Research 

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Klinker, Daniel Dyrda: Best compulsory course in winter term 2020/21, Interaktions-
methoden und -geräte

Daniel Dyrda, Sven Liedtke: Best elective course in winter term 2020/21, Einführung in Audio für Games

Awardees TeachInf Special Award

Sven Liedtke, Theobald Beyer, Wolfgang Wiemer: summer term 2020, Visuelle Programmierung in der Spielebranche

* We apologize for accidentally naming in the video the GAD academical supervisors from summer term 2018. The current awardees are the academical supervisors from summer term 2020.