"Wissenschaft für jedermann" at Deutsches Museum München

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7 December 2022, 7.00 p.m., talk at the Ehrensaal of Deutsches Museum München (in German only)

Fusion energy: When will it happen - and how will supercomputers help?

Speaker: Prof. Frank Jenko (Honorary Professor, Chair of Scientific Computing; Head of the Tokamak Theory Division at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics).

Against the background of current developments with respect to climate and energy supply, the question of alternatives to fossil sources arises with new urgency. Fusion energy is considered one of the greatest opportunities of this century in this field. Fusion energy works - the sun and billions of other stars in our Milky Way prove it. But how can we succeed in bringing solar fire to Earth? And when will we finally get there? First, a brief history of fusion research will be given. What are the underlying ideas, what approaches are being pursued, and what progress has been made over time? Particular emphasis should be placed on several recent breakthroughs in various experimental facilities around the world, some financed with private money.
This is followed by an outlook on expected developments in the coming years. A crucial aspect of modern fusion research is the strong support by simulations on supercomputers. The mathematical models used in these simulations have now reached a high degree of realism. Work is currently underway to create "digital twins" of individual components or entire fusion systems. At the same time, artificial intelligence methods are being applied to enable their real-time analysis and control. In this way, the development of fusion power plants can be significantly accelerated. Some of the most exciting current developments in this field will be presented.

Moderation: Prof. Florian Matthes, Chair of Software Engineering for Business Information Systems


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