If you are looking for a contact person, a potential interviewee, or background information on topics in informatics, you are in the right place. With 25 academic chairs, we cover nearly all research topics in the field of Informatics. Ask us! If we have experts on a topic, we will gladly let you know. Besides questions about topics in research, we can also answer questions about studying in the Department of Informatics.

If you would like to learn more about the department and the degree courses offered, you can find detailed information in the flyers and brochures about the degree courses and the department, our self-description page, in the infographic with facts and figures, and in a bulletin about the history of the department.
To the flyers, brochures, and bulletins

TUM Informatics has come out on top in international rankings as the best German university in the field of informatics many times in row. More information on our rankings.

The Department of Informatics regularly holds large events like the Open Day. More detailed information about our events can be found here.

Many academic chairs are active on YouTube and have uploaded research videos. An overview of these YouTube channels can be found here.

In the press review, you can find who has been reporting about TUM Informatics.

The Department of Informatics is also on Facebook. Visit our page!

The public relations team of the Department of Informatics works in close cooperation with the TUM PR team.