Research Clusters

Welcome! The members of the 14 research clusters invite you to familiarize yourself here with the wide range of high quality scientific work going on at the Department of Informatics. Our research clusters are not departmental units of the university, but rather bring together the research activities of individual groups working on specific topics. In doing so, they not only encompass the core fields of informatics, but also link themselves with disciplines like engineering, the natural sciences, economics, and even medicine.

Over the course of five decades, informatics at the TUM has been consistently growing to become a leading and cross-sectional science. Together with the other Informatics hubs and relevant institutions in Munich like the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre - a national and European hotspot for high-performance computing - our department has been able to help Munich as a location for science reach a top position in Europe for informatics and information technology. The excellence of the department is clear from the rankings as well: For many years in a row now, it has led the international rankings as the best German university Informatics Department. In national rankings too, the high reputation of the TUM Department of Informatics has regularly been acknowledged.