Computer & Communication Architectures

Networked computer systems have to transmit and process increasing quantities of data with the lowest possible latency. Flexible and scalable architectures for communication and virtualization are deployed in “data centers”. More and more paradigms especially crafted for data centers find their way into smaller systems.

This Cluster addresses the research on energy-efficient and scalable solutions for the transmission, processing and storage of data, drawing ever nearer to physical limits. Internet communication should make it possible to access remote objects with a latency near the limit set by the speed of light.

Network virtualization enables the decoupling of network functions from hardware and the dynamic distribution of workload. Some of the technologies considered include Software-Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization, Information Centric Networking and Manycore Architectures.


Exemplary Projects


SEcure Networking for a DATa center cloud in Europe (SENDATE)

ProgrammabLE Architecture for distributed NETwork functions and Security (PLANETS)

The goal of the SENDATE research program is to provide and demonstrate concepts, mechanisms and algorithms for secure and flexible internet logistics.

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The goal of the AutoMon project is to increase the robustness of IT infrastructures through a continuous, proactive, and cross-system function and performance monitoring as well as an automated root cause analysis. To this end we develop processes to automatically link monitoring data on a cross-system basis. These processes will then be implemented on distributed network systems. This allows administrators to receive visually enhanced and meaningful analyses of outages and disruptions. Issues can then be tackled more swiftly and the maintenance cost is reduced. Furthermore we develop a business intelligence solution which balances cost and gain of outage analyses. AutoMon delivers a founded information base to improve organizational and economical decisions in an enterprise. The system will be tested and evaluated in practice within the project partners' networks.

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