Distributed & Mobile Computing

The cluster for distributed and mobile computing works with algorithms, software, and architectures of distributed systems in both theory and praxis. Current applications for the cluster's research include the Internet of Things (IoT), intermittently connected distributed systems (e.g., in vehicular networks or disaster relief), mobile app ecosystems. We place specific emphasis on extending computing platforms and connectivity to mobile devices. This includes human behavior and mobility modeling and their impact on mobile system performance; mobile networking and offloading; software and system design for mobile platforms (e.g., smartphones, tablets, vehicles, sensors); and usability of mobile systems and applications. Measurements (to support modeling) and security are two important interdisciplinary aspects of the above-mentioned fields, which work closely together with the clusters for Computer and Communication Architectures and Security, Safety, Risk Management.


Current Activities

Do-It-Yourself networking for distributed mobile devices with the liberouter framework.
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The Opportunistic Networking Environment (ONE) simulator for evaluating mobile applications.
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The workshop on Challenged Networks (CHANTS).
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Floating Content: location-based mobile opportunistic and probabilistic computing.
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Exemplary Projects

RIFE: architectuRe for an Internet For Everybody

A project to provide affordable and sustainable access to the Internet by realizing an architecture for an Internet for everybody that enables access to information and services at economically sustainable price points. RIFE devises a unifying network architecture, incorporating elements of delay-tolerant and information-centric networking, develop dissemination strategies to enable Internet access in diverse settings, and implement application-specific functions as necessary to support today's services and those of the future.

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TUM Living Lab Connected Mobility

A project to devise a prototype for an open platform for mobility services. The aim is to bring together data and (B2B) service providers in order to offer a sustainable ecosystem of services upon which a broad range of B2B and consumer services can be based that are linked to human and vehicular mobility and can be easily developed and operated. Topics include scalable distributed algorithms and the implementation of personalized services in a manner that maintains privacy.

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