Information Systems & Software Engineering

The cluster focuses on the engineering aspects of IT system development and their role and how embedded they are in their technical, socio-technical, economic, legal and application related contexts. The involved Chairs combine theory-based research methods and questions in practice. The cluster members jointly aim at increasing the quality of software-intensive systems and their effective and efficient exploitation for specific application domains.

Prof. Martin Bichler

Prof. Bernd Brügge

Prof. Anne Brüggemann-Klein

Associate Professor – Chair 11

Applied Informatics – Cooperative Systems

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Prof. Matthias Grabmair, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Legal Tech

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Prof. Jens Grossklags, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Chair 24

Cyber Trust

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Prof. Alfons Kemper, Ph.D.

Full Professor - Chair 3

Database Systems

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Prof. Helmut Krcmar

Full Professor - Chair 17

Krcmar Lab

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Prof. Florian Matthes

Prof. Alexander Pretschner

Prof. Stefanie Rinderle-Ma

Prof. Burkhard Rost

Full Professor - Chair 12


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