Intelligent Room

Lehrstuhl 9 deals with the understanding of images and knowledge-based systems. A project describes the Smart Room. Smart Rooms know about their own dimensions and about the persons present. This so-called context know-how encompasses the identity, position, moving direction, mood and the occupation of every person. With this knowledge the person will be assisted with his/her work and in his/her leisure time. For example, the light will either be turned on or dimmed according to the time and the task of the individual. The volume of the radio and of the TV will match the preferences and the task of the person present. Domestic robots particularly require this knowledge in order to appropriately execute their work. This way the table will be properly set according to the time and to the number of people present for the current meal, the vacuum cleaner will not be activated during sleep times, and washing up will be completed punctually after the meal. In this project individuals will be recognized and their whereabouts defined through cameras, microphones, speakers and laser-range sensors. People intuitively communicate through natural language and through the use of hand gestures. This knowledge will be saved centrally and respresented by the Web Ontology Language (OWL).