Martina von Imhoff, M.A.

Student Exchange Coordinator

  • Office: MI 00.09.035
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel.: +49 89-289-17553
  • Working Days: Monday-Thursday
  • Current news: Due to the Corona-Virus, TUM asks all students to refrain from visiting offices until further notice. You are most welcome to phone or email me.
  • On business trip: 28.03.- 12.04.2022 - can only be reached by email. Telephone consultation hours are cancelled.
    On vacation: 13.04.2022 - 20.04.2022 
  • Current telephone consultation hours (without registration): Tue & Thu 14:00-16:00 - on Thu 24.03. from 15-7h ( 28.03.-22.04.2022 cancelled due to business trip - first consultation hour on Tue 26.04.2022).
  • For incoming students please check our website
  • Signatures on documents can be done digitally.
  • Consultation hours take place during lecture time and lecture free time, if not indicated differently here.
  • Additional appointments on request, please suggest several suitable time slots.