During Your Stay

All exchange students will get an invitation to our Welcome Meeting the week before the lectures start! We will talk about all relevant details of our department and (academic) student life. Due to its importance for a successful study start at IN.TUM, your participation is mandatory.

So it is crucial that you be present in Munich in time, to make the most of your exchange stay with us.

TUM Student Activities

After your arrival and orientation, a wide range of extracurricular activities is open to you. For information on some of the activities arranged on and off campus that may be of interest to you as an exchange student; view Student Life.

Working during Your Studies

As an exchange student in Germany, you may choose to support yourself during your studies by finding a job. Many students at TUM Informatics work part-time during their studies, and our exchange students are generally very successful in finding good jobs. Informatics experts have strong job prospects in Munich and the surrounding areas – and the extra income can help you cover your living costs.

Depending on the type of visa you hold and the length of your program, you will be eligible to work in the private sector for a limited amount of time while you are a student at TUM Informatics. You may work during the school year or during breaks. Full-time work is limited to a maximum of 120 days/year or part-time work for 240 days/year. For additional information, visit the Career Guidance and International Café. An information session is offered for international students at the International Café every semester.

Thinking ahead to earning a master’s or PhD at TUM?

Master’s Programs

It may be possible to transfer the credits you earn during your exchange period into a full degree program. After completing your undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree program at your home university, you can apply directly to the TUM Informatics master's program in a wide range of specializations. Your chances of being admitted into our master’s program and offered scholarships will be better if you have already successfully studied here during your exchange! Contact the academic advising services representatives for more information.

PhD and Postdoc Opportunities

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD or doing postdoctoral research, please read more about doctoral research opporunities and how to apply here.