Intercultural Certificate - Integration

The Intercultural Certificate Integration is tailored to international students, whose native language is not German and who came to the Department of Informatics from abroad in order to obtain a degree in Germany.

The Certificate consists of the following four areas:

  1. Intercultural Education and German:
    Intercultural training of min. 2 days and German courses confirming a level of min. A2.2,
    including one TUM German course.
  2. Practical Experience in Germany:
    internship or student employment in Germany,
    including making use of the offers for vactional orientation by TUM Alumni & Career.
  3. Student Engagement: at least one component from the area
  4. Ambassador Functionat least one component from the area

All elements must be completed while enrolled in your degree program at TUM. So non-degree seeking students, like exchange students, can not apply for the Intercultural Certificate, neither can doctoral candidates.

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